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Be Quiet Belinda

This is my third book and it was my first attempt at writing and drawing a picture book. I'm really pleased with the finished book and all my friends' kids love Belinda. Orchard Books saw a rabbit character in my portfolio and asked me to write a story for her. Later that day, I wrote the story in doodles on the back of a napkin whilst on the train back to Brighton. The characters were really fun to draw, giving them different outfits and characteristics. Belinda is a little rabbit with a very big voice that is always getting her into trouble. I tried to include lots of little details in the background to make it interesting for small children who are too young to read along.

How Long Did it Take to Draw?

Writing and editing the story, with the help of the publishers, took a couple of weeks. The wording is often altered even in the last stages of the book to compliment the artwork. The pages took a long time to paint because of the detail that went into them. I finished the book in about five and a half months just before I left Brighton.

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If you want to have some fun you can print out some of my illustrations and you can colour them in at home.


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