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Elephant Rides Again

This was my second book for the Twister range, Evans Brothers. I was used to drawing elephants on skateboards so when Nick Turpin asked me to do this book I was already quite confident that I could get it right! The black and white layouts took two weeks and were difficult because of the small amount of words. As the illustrator it is your job to come up with every single page design as well as all the characters, colour palette etc. I felt rather rushed on this book because I had so many other work commitments as well. I always like to take my time on a book after all; your artwork is going to be captured in a book forever so there is no room for mistakes! I really love this character-he is one of my favourites and probably like me - CLUMSY! (not to mention having a big bottom! haha)

How Long Did it Take to Draw?

Another tight deadline! I managed to finish this book in 4 weeks! arghhhhhh! It is sometimes difficult to fit a book deadline around my school visits. I can get asked to start on a book straight away without warning and somehow find time between school events, which is what happened with the elephant book. Still, I managed to hand it in on the deadline which is all that matters! I really like the colours in the book and the action shots of him flying down the hill shouting 'Watch out!!!'

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