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Little Fred Riding Hood

This is the longest book I have been asked to illustrate so far and probably the funniest. Egmont asked me to read Michael Cox's story and come up with some character ideas. The story was easy to illustrate because it was so funny with plenty of descriptions and humorous dialogue. The story is about a poor little wolf called Wilf who gets horribly mixed up when he is returning back home from Wolfworths one day. He over hears a boy called Fred bidding farewell to his Grandma. The boy is a horrid boy with a red hooded top on - so poor Wilf thinks that this is Little Fred Riding Hood from his favourite book! The wolf runs round to the Grannies house to gobble her up only to find...haha you'll have to read it to see what happens next!

How Long Did it Take to Draw?

I had a nice long deadline on this so the book took me about 9 weeks and i work really quickly when I am excited about a new book! It was a nice project because I actually got to meet the Author which makes a nice change. Before that I had only ever got to meet Vivian French. We normally never get to meet and work solely through the publishers. Michael and I exchanged ideas about the characters and the layouts and he seemed really pleased with my illustrations.

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