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One Fat Cat

This is my fifth book and probably the easiest to illustrate with only three characters to design - a fat cat and two identical mice! This is a first story play for very young children to read enjoy. It is full of bright colours and humorous expressions that compliment a lovely story.

How Long Did it Take to Draw?

The pages were to be kept very bold and simple because the book is for a very young age group. I can draw and paint really quickly so it took me about two and a half months from start to finish. 'One Fat Cat' is one of my favourite characters because he is so fat and gormless! Cats are one of my all time favourite animals.

Now available as a jigsaw book.

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If you want to have some fun you can print out some of my illustrations and you can colour them in at home.


People Say Nice Things About Me

A great way of firing the children's enthusiasm for reading, writing and drawing.

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