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Little Red Riding Hood

This is my first ever book and it certainly feels like I drew it a hundred years ago! A few weeks after I left Kingston University Walker Books asked me to illustrate a twin pair of rhyming flip-flap books for young children. A flip-flap book has a page cut in half in the centre of each page.

How Long Did It Take to Draw?

I look at the book now and I have a little chuckle to myself when I think about how long it took me and how naive my illustration style was. I'd only just started to use acrylic paints so the whole book took six months, which is a really long time in publishing! Thankfully I had a lot of help and support from the team at Walker Books. Anyway I got there in the end and we managed to produce a lovely book with a lot of humour and colour in it.

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If you want to have some fun you can print out some of my illustrations and you can colour them in at home.


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